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What2Log was made to fill the gap ISI noticed in computer security logging. No centralized resource had compiled what and how to log information for the biggest Operating Systems used every day.

Until Now.

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Why Logs?

In computer security, logs are essential for understanding your machine and network. They provide insight to how software works and are essential in the follow up of a cyber attack.

Despite the importance of these logs, there was no one, go-to resource for information on logging. ISI decided to fill this void, and with months of research and testing, What2Log was created. We strove to make logging information easy to understand and access to everyone.



What2Log is a constantly updated project, with new operating system support, information, and tips added regularly.

We strive to listen to the community, featuring a "blog log" that provides  updates and allows transparency of our next steps.

What2Log is guided by the feedback and suggestions of our community.

We didn't stop there...

We realized that logging is often not everyone's priority. To combat this, we devised a way to make logging even easier.

What2Log allows a user to select the information they want to log and then generates a script they can use to automatically configure their logs.


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