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Vulnerability scanning doesn't have to be a pain. Get better results, deeper analysis, have greater control, safer scanning, and save money while doing it!

Vulnerability scan like you mean it!


Better Results

Unlike other vulnerability scanning solutions, that run one particular vulnerability scanner, Protect My Org is a modular system where you select which vulnerability scanners you want to use. Rather than running just one scanner, you can now run however many you want. Our modular architecture allows us to add new scanners as your needs change over time.

Deeper Analysis

Vulnerability scanners all suffer from one key problem, they don't know your environment. Protect My Org DOES. During the on-boarding process, you can tell us what controls you have in place, this allows PMO to give you better tailored results. Find out what the risks are on YOUR system.

Greater Control

At every point in PMO you're in full control. Your data is in an isolated volume... and never is co-mingled with other clients. You have full control over who can access your data through our PKI system. There are no contracts, so you can leave at any time... but we're pretty sure you'll want to stay. We'll work hard each and every scan to earn your trust and business.


Safer Scanning

Not only do you have full control over scanning behavior, you can even immediately stop a scan in mid progress. Unfortunately, few vulnerability scanning solutions offer this... but what's truly unique about PMO. We don't expect that you'll ever need to use the STOP SCANS feature. Unless you tell us not to, we'll pro-actively monitor your systems just before and during the scan. If the system goes outside performance ranges you set, we'll automatically stop the scan for you.

Save Money

Most organizations have scanning infrastructure that sits idle except for a few hours each week. Because PMO uses a scanning pool, the costs of the scanner systems are spread among all PMO users. If you want, you can take things much further by allowing us to help you determine the right number of systems to scan each run. Our audit-able sampling algorithms, can help you slash the number of systems that are scanned further saving even more.


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