The InfoSec Innovations Manifesto:

Better Information Security Through: Science, Creativity, and Caring.

We're tired of the "same old, same old". If you're reading this, you likely are too. It's not that the infosec industry is bad, per se. Rather, it can and should be so much more.

InfoSec Innovations is here to change things. We want to make them better, with you, for you. We want to be your partner. Together we can leave the status quo in the dust, and usher in working security solutions that are tailor made for organizations of all sizes, market verticals, and regulatory needs.

Thus we give you our three point pledge:


The sad irony is, although we have data in our industry, we have an acute lack of scientific use of the available data. We pledge to change this. Every report, every post, every research article will be cited. Data -- hard empirical data -- will always be available. We do our homework, and we are not afraid to show our work. "Paralysis by analysis"? Those are fighting words. We are an action-biased team. Yes, we have data to back this claim up.




The defensive playbook, the "conventional wisdom", is at least ten years out of date. Many of the IT rituals we do mindlessly are simply not working. Let us show you a different path. Imagine tailor made solutions that are a perfect fit for your needs. Let us show you how security can actually help improve your bottom line. Security isn't a cost center... it's revenue protection.




Are you a client? We want you to win. Are you not a client, but want information on how to protect your network? Guess what? You have access to our research too. Feel free to use it. Let us know if you need our help in using it to the fullest potential.


We also realize that caring means going beyond the tech world too. We do reduced pricing or pro bono work and help community-based organizations with IT and fiscal support. At InfoSec Innovations, what's right is right. Always.

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